Your beauty sleep redefined. MELATONIK™ stimulates your skin’s natural antioxidant defenses, repairs environmental stress and damages from the previous day, and supports healthy, younger-looking skin.

1. Stimulates your skin’s natural antioxidant defenses
2.Repairs at night the oxidative damage incurred by your skin during the day
3. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and enhances skin density and firmness
Apply 3-4 drops of the product on the palm of the hand and warm the product. Apply with outward and upward movements, massaging until complete absorption.

Melatonin Stimulates skin´s natural defenses against free radicals caused by UV radiation, oxidative stress and pollution.

Bakuchiol Anti-aging ingredient of natural origin with retinol-like properties and a gentle profile that helps to restore the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Vitamin C Helps protect against oxidative damage while providing visible anti-aging benefits and helping reduce wrinkles and fine lines.