Cosmetic Dermatologist Patient Photo - Skin Wellness Center of Alabama

Cryoshape is the latest, most cutting-edge treatment modality for keloid scars. Keloids form when the skin lacks the necessary signals to stop healing and wounds continue to heal beyond the original injury. Keloid scars can be itchy, painful, disfiguring and restrictive. They are hereditary and difficult to treat.

Traditional therapies are only marginally successful and can require multiple sessions of injections, radiation and excision. Cryoshape is the first new treatment for keloids in over twenty years. It incorporates an older dermatological procedure, cryotherapy, but delivers the cooling in a more comprehensive, effective manner. Typically, only one treatment is required and the results are consistent and cosmetically pleasing.

Before and After: Cryoshape

Cryoshape is minimally invasive and requires no surgery and only local anesthesia. Because the procedure is performed with minimal tenderness and discomfort, patients leave the office the same day with little recovery time. Most importantly, in more than 97% of cases, no keloid scar recurrence was seen. Multiple keloid scars can be treated in a single session and no worsening of the scar has been observed.