Acne Scar Surgery

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There are various dermatological treatments offered at the Skin Wellness Center of Alabama. With our vast menu of services, we are better able to meet the needs of our valued clients in ways most suitable to their circumstances. Some skin conditions may be treated with subcision. This treatment is to cut scarring attachments that lead to dimpling on the surface of the skin.

Subcision is carefully performed by one of our medical professionals after the area has been thoroughly numbed. Treatment is completed with a small-gauge, sharp-blade needle, modified specifically for this purpose. The arrow tip of the needle successfully reaches the second layer of skin, the dermis, where a scar is attached. Once within the area of the scar, we use precise, gentle motions to reach the outer edges of scar tissue.

What to expect during acne scar surgery (subcision) at the Skin Wellness Center of Alabama

Patient comfort is our priority when performing dermatological treatments. We make every effort to facilitate pain-free experiences, and ensure local anesthetic has had time to work before beginning the subcision procedure. We encourage communication throughout treatment, allowing us to accommodate your needs. With the use of local anesthetic, most patients feel no discomfort during the procedure.

Following this treatment in our comfortable dermatology practice, mild bruising and soreness may occur, lasting a short time. Risks such as infection or prolonged pain are minimal with subcision. On rare occasions, blood may collect beneath the treated skin. This side effect, like bruising, is only temporary should it occur.

Subcision for the treatment of acne scars is usually performed in a series of three to six sessions. Upon completion of treatment, sixty to seventy percent improvement is typically seen. In many cases, subcision is combined with other scar-reduction treatments, such as laser resurfacing.

The appearance of skin is indicative of health and vitality. Your skin comprises the majority of your body, and is most visible to others. You can feel good about your skin even after acne has left scars. The Skin Wellness Center of Alabama is known for excellent, gentle care that produces optimal results. Contact us today. We can help you handle your skin concerns.