Your Dermatologist Explains Acne Scar Subcision

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The purpose of the subcision medical procedure, performed in our office, is to reduce the appearance of acne scarring on the skin. Several subcision treatment sessions may be needed to achieve the desired outcome. In addition, this treatment may not be ideal for every situation. Dr. Hartman and Dr. Dyck have many years of experience treating acne and acne scarring. During consultation with a patient, he may determine that scarring such as boxcar, rolling, or ice pick scars can be reduced with subcision.

How Scarring Occurs:

The development of severe acne on the skin is indicative of a deeper infection within the pores. In this area, the tissues and structures that surround the sweat glands and hair follicles can suffer severe damage. As a natural response to wounds in the skin, collagen proteins are delivered to repair the damaged tissues, where collagen fibers connect.

Because this healing is deep inside the pores, a “drawing in” effect occurs as underlying scar tissue pulls on the tissues that lie at the surface. The physical result is a pockmark, or indented scar.

There are two areas to address when acne scarring occurs in this way: the surface scar and the deeper scar. The goal of treatment is to return the skin to its most natural appearance, blended in with surrounding tissue in color and texture.

Subcision is performed to release the pull on surface scar tissue. Before treating the scar, we administer local anesthetic and wait to ensure the skin has become numb. We are committed to patient comfort, and take the necessary steps to ensure pain-free treatment. A tiny, specialized needle is inserted to the deeper affected area, creating a void beneath the surface scarring. As the body heals this void, the surface of skin becomes more in line with surrounding skin. Over the course of several treatments, it is possible to see a significant reduction in the appearance of a scar or scars. Additional dermatologic treatments may be performed to reduce hyperpigmentation.

As if acne were not bad enough, subsequent scarring can cause ongoing emotional distress. Dr. Corey Hartman and
Dr. Rayna Dyck offer gentle, effective treatment that will greatly improve the look and feel of your skin. Contact the Skin Wellness Center of Alabama for your consultation for acne scarring.