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Your Dermatologist Explains Acne Scar Subcision

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The purpose of the subcision medical procedure, performed in our office, is to reduce the appearance of acne scarring on the skin. Several subcision treatment sessions may be needed to achieve the desired outcome. In addition, this treatment may not be ideal for every situation. Dr. Hartman and Dr. Dyck have many years of experience treating acne and acne scarring. During consultation with a patient, he may determine that scarring such as boxcar, rolling, or ice pick scars can be reduced with subcision.

How Scarring Occurs:

The development of severe acne on the skin is indicative of a deeper infection within the pores. In …

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The Various Uses of Electrosurgery in our Birmingham Dermatology Center

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At Skin Wellness Center, it is our intent to provide the most effective treatments available today. Whether we are correcting or managing issues such as acne or warts, or improving the tone and texture of the skin, we provide care with the result in mind. One way in which we maintain a standard of excellence is to include cutting-edge technology into treatments when appropriate.

We are happy to use electrosurgery as a part of our Birmingham skin wellness treatment when appropriate. Electrosurgery is not a specific procedure. This device is used in a variety of procedures in which incisions may otherwise …

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The Benefits of Chemical Peels

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As the years go by, your skin changes for several reasons. Collagen reduction, loss of volume, changes in texture, and uneven tone are natural, as the composition of maturing skin changes. The cumulative damages from sun exposure, injuries, medical conditions, and other factors can hasten the aging process. Chemical peels are among the most versatile dermatologic treatments, effectively treating many common problems. Dr. Corey Hartman, in Birmingham, Alabama, offers a variety of different peels, to meet the individual needs of every patient.

What Is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peels, is a great way to eliminate many superficial blemishes, while improving the …

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Caring for Skin After Cryosurgery

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Cryosurgery is a procedure that has been performed for over a century. In many dermatologic settings, the agent used for cryosurgery is liquid nitrogen, a liquid gas that remains at a temperature of approximately 300 degrees below zero. Liquid nitrogen has long been a safe and effective agent for removing skin growths such as keratoses and warts.

One of the benefits of cryosurgery is that it is a safe, non-invasive treatment for unwanted skin growths. This treatment, however, is not right for every patient. During consultation with a patient, Dr. Hartman and Dr. Dyck will discuss the details of cryosurgery.

Treating the …

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Comparing DIY Mole Removal with Dermatologist Treatment

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Many of us have moles, tiny collections of cells with pigmentation that are highly visible on the skin. A mole may be flat or raised, and may be brown, red, or black. Most of the time, moles are no more than a cosmetic issue, and many people choose to remove certain spots for an improved appearance. Mole removal  is a personal choice, but one that should be made carefully. This pertains not so much to whether or not a mole is removed, but how it is removed.


Due to the ease in which information can be …

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Ways to Experience the Benefits of Botulinum Treatment

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For several years now, men and women from across the globe have restored their youthful faces with Botox®. Birmingham and Chelsea, AL area residents can enjoy the great benefits of the Botox® cosmetic solution offered at the Skin Wellness Center of Alabama. This derivative of botulinum toxin is proven to be a safe and highly effective way to handle some of the most common signs of aging that occurs on the upper third of the face.

Botox® is designed to relax the muscles that tense up beneath the skin. Muscle contractions occur as the brain commands, typically in order to make …

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Sclerotherapy – Effective Varicose Vein Treatment

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Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted veins, usually appearing on the legs or ankles. They often look dark blue or purple, showing through the skin surface. In addition to being unsightly, they are often painful. You may feel tiredness, burning, or itching in your legs. If this sounds familiar, visit us at the Skin Wellness Center of Alabama. With sclerotherapy, Birmingham residents can end the pain, discomfort, and embarrassment of varicose veins.

What Causes Varicose Veins?

The valves in veins normally only allow blood to move one direction. In your legs, the blood should move upward. When these valves become weakened, they respond to the force …

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